Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter

Worried About Your Electronic Garage Door Opener’s Security? What Are Your Options?

If your home has an automatic garage door opener, you may have been concerned about recent media reports of burglars using simple electronic devices to hack automatic garage door openers.This hacking attempt yields a reusable code that can allow the burglar to watch your house until certain it’s empty, then leisurely open your garage door […]

Common Garage Door Trouble Signs You Should Know

Overlooking damage or malfunctions in your garage door can leave your garage door susceptible to failure. It can also put your garage at risk of break-in. If you’re not familiar with the most common trouble signs from your garage, it’s important that you understand what to watch for. Here are a few potential problems you […]

Save Energy And Increase Your Home’s Value By Installing A New, Insulated Garage Door Rather Than Replacing Existing Panels

Garage door repairs generally are inexpensive. Home Improvement Educator says that the typical repair runs from $200 to $300. This average is lowered by easy jobs that can be done quickly and don’t cost a lot, such as reprogramming automatic openers and realigning sensors. Replacing garage door panels, in contrast, costs significantly more than $200 […]